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Managing the Non-Functional Requirements Process

Non-functional requirements (NFRs) have traditionally been neglected during large IT projects and programmes. They are either not considered in detail or only considered in specific areas and ignored completely in others. In addition, they are frequently not considered until too late in the programme lifecycle to deliver full benefits.

We have extensive experience in defining NFRs and recommend the following approach:

  • Raise the visibility of NFRs during the early stages of programme initiation.
  • Obtain buy-in and senior IT and Business Stakeholder involvement as early as possible.
  • Do not attempt to treat NFRs as a single homogeneous entity - each area requires a different approach.
  • Adopt an iterative and phased approach to developing the NFRs so that key NFR details (such as volumetrics or service requirements) can be delivered at the right point to meet early programme requirements (eg for hardware sizing).
  • For each area of NFRs ensure that possible sources (people, systems, procedures and documentation) of the detailed information needed to create the NFRs are identified as early as possible.
  • Likewise for each NFR area, also identify as early as possible the outcomes and/or next steps as well as the individual/group that will be responsible for the on-going actions.

Adopting these measures can yield benefits throughout the programme lifecycle in terms of improved confidence in hardware sizing and system configuration, better quality testing and ultimately fewer live service issues.

We have the experience and technology/business expertise to be able to plan, manage and carry through the NFR definition process to help achieve these positive outcomes.

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