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Performance Test Services

Our performance test services encompass load, stress, volume and soak testing, as well as consultancy. We can provide a range of services to help improve the performance of your IT systems:

  • System Performance Consultancy - Help in assessing what to load, stress or performance test, and identifying the options for how and when to test it in the overall project lifecycle.
  • System Performance Troubleshooting - Help in identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks.
  • Load, Stress or Performance Test Scoping - Detailed planning, preparation and initiation of the load, stress or performance test programme.
  • Load, Stress or Performance Test Management - Management of some or all of the overall performance test cycle, including hands-on management of the test phase itself. This usually also includes production and presentation of the detailed final report.
  • Test Auditing - Independent analysis of an existing performance test programme to help improve the test approach, test processes, testing environment, use of automated test tools, use of test team resources, etc.
  • Capacity Planning - Assistance in planning growth in IT system capacity to accommodate projected trends in system utilisation.

We are able to provide expertise based on practical experience of capacity planning and performance testing. We are happy to provide one-off pieces of consultancy of a short duration, or ongoing services to assist the client throughout an extended period of system enhancement or upgrade.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

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