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Security Testing & Auditing

We provide a range of security auditing services based on the OSSTMM methodology, including:

  • Functional Security Testing - Manual or automated testing and verification of user access rights, access authorities, permissions, etc. We work closely with the business/UAT test teams to conduct this testing.
  • Security Policy & Procedure Review - Analysis of the quality, scope and practical relevance of the client’s IT policy and procedures, and investigation of the effectiveness of their implementation and use within the organisation.
  • External Penetration Testing - Use of a range of testing tools to try to identify weaknesses in the client’s IT infrastructure that are exposed from outside the organisation, and that are potentially leaving the client’s systems open to attack from hackers and other external intruders.
  • Internal Penetration Testing- Use of a variety of network, server and PC testing tools through authorised network connections within the client organisation's IT infrastructure, to identify internal security deficiencies; such vulnerabilities may make the client’s systems susceptible to attack from malicious insiders.


For more information about penetration testing and useful online links go to this page.

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