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Volumetrics Modelling

Volumetrics Modelling is a key element of the non-functional requirements in any programme. By volumetrics we mean any business quantity that can be expressed numerically such as:

  • Numbers of customers/users/accounts
  • Volume of transactions (by transaction type) hourly/daily average and peak
  • Volume of calls to other system hourly/daily average and peak
  • Volume of generated reports/statements hourly/daily average and peak
  • Batch transaction volumes daily/monthly/annual average and peak

We work closely with the application architects, the business and the teams generating production system MI to capture, analyse and then derive an appropriate volumetrics model, both in terms of current transaction volumes and as a growth forecast based on business volume projections. Such a volumetrics model can then be used for the appropriate purpose, such as:

  • Infrastructure specification and sizing
  • Planning required future system capacity (eg data storage requirements)
  • Providing the data model for accurate performance testing
  • Informing architectural design decisions that may be volume-dependent

As with much non-functional work, the area of volumetrics modelling is often neglected as it requires a mix of technology, architecture and business awareness. We are able to bring this breadth of expertise to this activity.

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